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Question:Insurance company of other driver is asking for fee of damaged car. Accident occurred while i was heading down the road with a green light on my side of the road. While heading down in the opposite side of the road a car turn left on their side. Resulting in me crashing into them. Police arrived and filed a report stating none was at fault, and to deal the situation with the insurance company. In that time i did not have insurance. So now the company wants money for the other driver’s Damaged car
Happened in CA
Can anyone Guide me to a direction where i should find a Good attorney?

I been Surfing the web but all i see is Injury Attorney and didn’t know if it was the right one.

Best Answer:You don’t need a lawyer to help with routine car accident claims, if you take a little time to educate yourself about the claims system. The key is to figure out which cases you can settle yourself, and which require a lawyer. Before you decide whether to settle your own claim, think about these five things.

1. Is fault contested in your case, or do the other driver and their insurance company admit that the other dirver caused the accident?

Where fault for a car accident is contested, if you cannot prove that the other driver caused the accident, you will lose and recover nothing. So, you cannot take a chance on this. If there is going to be a fight over fault, especially if that fight will be waged in a court that applies the technical rules of evidence, then there is too much at stake for you to go it alone, and you need a car accident lawyer’s help.

2. How much are your out-of-pocket expenses for such things as medical bills and lost income?

You might be comfortable settling your own claims if your out-of-pocket expenses are $2,000, $3,000 or $5,000, but you might not want to handle your own claims if these out-of-pocket expenses are $15,000 or $20,000 or more. You have to decide at what level your case is too big to handle yourself, and your personal choking point may be higher or lower than these figures.

3. How seriously were you injured and how long did it take you to recover?

If you had a serious injury such as a broken bone or a herniated disk that affected you for a long time, and especially if you have a permanent injury that will haunt you the rest of your life, you have a potentially large claim and should hire a lawyer to present it professionally.

These last two questions are different ways of saying that the larger your claim and the more that is at stake, the smarter it is to have a professional on your side. As a general rule of thumb, the larger the case, the harder the other side resists the claim. Learn more about car accident claim value.

Here’s another way to think about it. You wouldn’t do surgery on yourself, but you would definitely treat a small cut or a bruise or some other minor injury. The same is true with legal claims. There are many claims that you can handle yourself if you learn how, but it would be foolish to handle large claims yourself.

4. Are you going to court?

If you have to take your case to court, and you cannot use an alternative dispute resolution such as the consumer-friendly small claims court, you need a lawyer who knows the court rules. That way you give yourself a fair chance to win and ensure that your legal rights are protected.

5. Are you willing to invest 5 to 10 hours learning how to settle car accident claims, and then actually presenting your claim?

You can probably learn all you need to know about settling routine claims in about 2 or 3 hours. Then, you will have to spend some time actually handling and settling your claim. The amount of time required varies from case to case, but it would probably be about 5 to 10 hours.

If you simply do not want to spend that much time, hire a lawyer and turn your case over to her early so she will have time to do her thing. But if you want to try to settle your own claim, go for it. You can always change your mind later and hire a lawyer if you get into the process and your feet get a little cold.

Settling your own claim is do-able, and it is profitable. Lawyers typically charge a legal fee equal to 1/3 of your recovery (and perhaps even more), so settling your own $10,000 case, for example, can put more than $3,000 extra dollars in your pocket. Not bad for 7 to 10 hours of work. Of course, it your case is too serous or you are not comfortable settling it yourself, turn it over to a lawyer. Two-thirds of something is better than all of nothing!
Also we know that the woman has insurance and it is up to date as we have already contacted her insurance as well as ours about this accident. what should we do?

Wait, don’t get an attorney, see what happens first, see what her company offers. See what his injuries really are. It has only been a few days. He may be fine in 2 weeks, you don’t know yet, you don’t even have his diagnosis.

First, you are only going to get actual cash value of the vehicle & all new cars instantly depreciate $2-3,000 maybe more the second you drive off the lot. I ALWAYS advise my insureds unless they are putting a big chunk of money down on the car (close to $10,000 at least) to get GAP insurance, it is less than $50 per year on your auto policy (usually for most people in my area). They can always take it off but can’t add it later, it has to be added when the new car is added. You will not get money to pay off the loan from the other carrier, sorry. If you chose to overfinance your car, that is between you & the loan company.

You can ask for lost wages. Car rental cost IS loss of use. Also, once the car is paid for, the rental car payments will be cut off, so be prepared to go out & get another car when the bank gets paid off.

An attorney will take 30-40% of the settlement, if you can afford that, call one, otherwise wait. Also, the attorney will take all the bills (won’t pay them) and submit them all together to the other carrier which could put the medical bills in collections so be careful of that if you do decide to call an attorney. An attorney will also delay the settlement, ask any claim rep on here (I personally know 2 & they do the same thing), the files with attorneys tend to get worked on after the ones without attorneys.

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To start, I have been a auto claim adjuster for over 10 years.

what sue said is about on the money, it appears she is an insurance agent.

1; you can only get the cash value of your vehicle regardless of how much you owe;

2; you are owed rental if your car is not drivable;

and yes, when your lien is paid, they will take you out of the rental w/in a day to couple of days, depends on the insurance company, but be ready and look for a replacement car asap. The fact you have not found a replacement car, does not change anything.

3; medical bills;

if your auto insurance policy has medical payment coverage it is primary and pays 1st; then if you have health insurance, they pay 2nd; any out of pocket or deductibles are your responsibility. keep track of all payments you make;

The other company who is at fault does not, let me repeat, does not pay your medical bills; that is your responsibility to pay; that is the reason you have your auto medical payment coverage pay if you have on your policy or your health insurance. Otherwise, the providers will go after you for collection. The providers don’t care about any settlement with a insurance company, they want their money for services.

4; attorney

in the next couple of days if not by now, you will get tons of phone calls and letters from attorneys. ignore them.

Just because they advertise or send great brochures, most of them are just factories and they pay a ton for advertising, which they subtract from any settlement. (they usually charge higher fees; ie 40 to 50% vs the standard 1/3)

as for your injury;

they will request a signed authorization; this will allow them to get copies of the medical bills and all medical reports of the injuries. if your husband had pre-existing injuries, they take off the “value” of his injury. as for lost wages. it has to be verified by the doctor and by his employer. just because he is off work for a wk, does not mean he will be compensated for 1 wk; it has to be verified .

also, even if you treat for 3 months, some adjusters may not allow all the bills in the settlement; they could question if treatment medically necesarry or overtreatment.

now; we take the medical bills, plus loss of income and add up the totals; we then add on pain/suffering for the total amt of offer we make;

The average time for any offer to be made is around 3 months; that allows for copies from providers, medical reports etc; like above, we don’t make offers until treatment is complete. So if your husband has 2 months of treatment, then it could be 5 to 6 months before all info recd to evaluate a settlement offer.

now for attorneys;

wait for any offer; if you believe it does not sound fair, ask the reason on how they came up with it; then if you want to consider getting an attorney for legal advice:

;;;;;;;;;and this is important;

call an attorney you have hired in the past, say for a divorce, bankruptcy etc; if they cant handle, they will always refer you to a good attorney that can do you well; if you never hired an attorney, ask coworkers, family friends etc for names. It is always best to hire an attorney someone knows, just like a plumber. (*usually the best attorneys, do not advertise; they don’t advertise since all of their business is referrals from other clients who were satisfied.*)


As not only one of the top tourist destinations in the country (33 million visitors annually), but one of the fastest-growing cities in the U.S., San Diego continues to emerge as a major urban area, with the corresponding increase in vehicles on the road.

Cars, trucks and motorcycles take to the streets of San Diego so often because the weather is usually ideal for a nice ride, or to get to a nearby beach or tourist site. The traffic in San Diego has not reached the epic proportions of its northern neighbor L.A., but it can get very compacted at rush hours and on weekend festival days.

Those jams can easily lead to accidents, as people attempt to break free from bunches of vehicles stacked up on Martin Luther King Freeway westbound or the San Diego Freeway northbound. Inside the city, Market Street and the Gaslamp Quarter both see a heavy volume of traffic.

These crowded roadways, combined with numerous modes of public transport, such as buses, trains and the famous trolley, all create conditions that can easily lead to collisions. If you’ve been involved in a vehicle accident in San Diego County and the surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to contact a San Diego car accident attorney so that you can begin to plan how to get the compensation that you will need.

Whether you were cruising on the Kumeyaay Highway west towards the water or going to Sea World on I-5 when your collision occurred, you should enlist the help of a strong San Diego car accident attorney. If you were on North Harbor Drive headed to a local park or East Harbor Drive headed to a ballgame, a San Diego car accident lawyer can help you prepare for a possible lawsuit after your accident.

Even if you are a normally self-reliant person, or you are confident that you do not have any serious injuries, you will probably need the assistance of a San Diego personal injury lawyer for these reasons, among others:

Drivers who admit fault at the scene of an accident often change their minds later, when they find out how high their deductible is or how much their insurance premiums will rise. They also might want to avoid a ticket for reckless driving and the added points on their record. You could assume that you had an agreement about fault at the scene, only to find out that you have been summoned to court and forced to defend your version of the events that transpired. You don’t want to be in that situation alone. Contact a San Diego car accident lawyer for help. S/he will know how to go about establishing fault and proving your innocence or partial fault.
Injuries that don’t seem severe on the day of the accident could turn much more severe in the days and weeks that follow. Concussions often linger, neck sprains could indicate a bruised vertebra, back pain could signal a spinal injury. The list goes on and on. Rather than accept a paltry insurance settlement and then have to pay for months of rehabilitation and possible surgeries later, get in touch with a San Diego car accident lawyer and fight for compensation that will pay not only for past medical bills, but for future ones, as well as lost work time, and pain and suffering. Personal injury attorneys know how much money you will need to put your life and body back together.
Insurance companies might seem to care about your well-being after an accident, but they also care a lot about their bottom line. They will want to give you a check for as little as possible to cover your basic costs. You might think that the settlement is quite generous, until you discover how much a scan costs at the hospital a month later. By then, your settlement could be completely spent, and you could face thousands of dollars of medical bills with no help to pay for them. Let your personal injury lawyer go to bat for you. S/he might negotiate a settlement before your case reaches court, or s/he will defend you in court and argue for a much higher compensation amount to pay for future costs, lost work time, and pain and suffering.
If you have been in an accident with a bus or truck, you might have to interact with the city of San Diego or a powerful law firm representing a trucking company. This is no place for amateurs. Your San Diego personal injury lawyer will know what to do when the MTS says that the bus driver cannot be found at fault. S/he will know what to do when a truck’s brake failure led to the accident. Legal proceedings involving bus companies, transit authorities and trucking firms get far more complicated than routine cases involving another private citizen. You will want the aid of a skilled car accident attorney.
Call now for a free consultation and find out how a San Diego car accident lawyer can help you. Get a lawyer on board for you that routinely argues against insurance companies, not for them.

Truck Accident Attorneys fighting for injury victims and their families rights since 1982. In the United States, semi truck accidents are on the rise, and it is innocent drivers on the road, and their passengers, that are becoming victims and suffering the consequences.

There are many factors that ultimately contribute to a semi truck or 18-wheeler accident. There can be varying conditions related to an overloaded or under loaded trailer, driver fatigue, going too fast or too slow, substance abuse, as well as other issues. Furthermore, because semi trucks have decreased visibility and maneuverability over that of a passenger car, small truck or SUV, these vehicles automatically at a higher risk for a crash than the smaller vehicles they share the road with.

The law firm has worked with semi truck accident victims for over 30 years in this special area of litigation. This type of accident is so different from other types of accidents that can happen on the roadways of the country.

Trucking companies are held to high standards by the Federal government and individual state governments. Individual truck companies are held accountable for maintaining limits on the amount of time a driver spends on the road each day and they must perform background checks on anyone who ends up behind the wheel. Furthermore, drivers are subject to random drug testing as well as post-accident drug testing. If a trucking company ever violates the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation Act, there could be cause for litigation in cases of negligence or unsafe driving.

Statistics show that semi truck accident victims are killed 98% of the time and our law firm has taken it upon themselves to become experts in this area of the law.

For over 30 years our firm has been helping victims and family members of victims who have been injured or killed in a semi truck accident.

The law firm is encouraging semi truck accident and injury victims to step forward to learn their rights. The firm offers free consultations to any person who believes they were injured because of negligence on behalf of a trucking company, truck driver, or truck vehicle manufacturer.
It is important to note that the details of a semi truck accident can vary widely from case to case. It is difficult to determine what a victim could be compensated for without going through a full and thorough legal consultation with a licensed and knowledgeable semi truck accident attorney at Personal Injury Lawyers. Therefore, in order to properly determine liability and the viability of a potential case, it is important for any victim who has been injured in an accident involving a semi truck or large commercial vehicle to call our office immediately.

You can speak to an attorney by calling: (866) 229-9930.
A lot of individuals ask an accident lawyer why their insurance carrier should pay for their medical bills rather than the insurance firm of the individual who had been the reason behind the accident. This has often been a cause of misunderstanding and misconception among individuals and that is why it’s worth discussing in this section.

Subjugation is the main concept. Not too many people have known of this but it’s a concept which states that the person responsible doesn’t need to cover the bills and wages of the injured personinjured individual} through his insurance firm unless a final release of your claims can be signed. There is also a sense in this because individuals are having a tough time trying to convince their insurance company that they’ve been harmed and it would spare them the problem of having the person accountable for the accident cope with the job instead.

Auto Accident Attorney San Antonio

We have heard through the years about how people tell lawyers what the insurance adjuster promise to pay these bills. However, should you call them up to send the bills, they won’t pay you out. This is partly because under the regulations they are not required to unless you are able to sign a full and final release of your claims. This is just how matters go and you will have to find out how to deal with it.

So what becomes of your medical bills? The doctors will not wait until you have paid them so that is where an auto or health insurance coverage can be most useful. Once again, you may sit with your lawyer inside his office and talk about your situation. It is possible to talk about how the whole process works together with other details on why the law and its procedures operate in such a manner. There might be so many twist and turns while presenting your case or opting for compensation but an experienced lawyer will take you through the procedures.

It is a crucial method and you ought to consult a personal injury attorney over the idea of subjugation, what it is focused on and how you can utilize such concept for your own advantage. You don’t want to waste time because you must get over your injuries and get back to the world when you can.

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If you ever have an auto accident in the state of Pennsylvania, You are going to need a Pennsylvania Car accident attorney. Car Accidents are the cause of over 120,000 deaths since the year 2003. The people in the United States alone have spent over 719.2 million dollars in accident related expense in the past year.

Insurance companies employ their own team of Insurance agents, investigators, insurance adjusters and legal counsel to try and save the company as much money as possible when it comes to insurance claims. The people in a car accident are going to require thier own legal team. In the keystone state, you are going to need a Pa. Car accident attorney.

All the insurance companies will make an effort to take advantage of you. When you report the accident, The insurance company will proceed to try and make some kind of deal with you. What they are trying to do is get legally excused from future claims by you.

What you can seek after an auto accident is the cost of your medical expenses, Loss of wages from not being able to work, loss of property and other things. If you have been involved in an automobile accident, A pennsylvania Car accident attorney is your best bet. Your attorney will see that the insurance company does not take advantage of you. Compensation for damages that you can claim and be paid for will be very different depending on what happened and why.

IF you happen to be involved in a car accident with an underinsured or uninsured driver, There is no doubt that you will need a Pa. Car accident attorney. If you are injured and the car is damaged, both you and the car could be covered under your own insurance policy.

People that sustain injuries in car accidents have rights. To protect these rights retain a Pa. Automobile accident attorney. The insurance companies, Health car providers and other businesses do not have your best interest in mind. They do not always offer fair settlements either.When you are involved in a car accident, do not hesitate to contact a Pennsylvania Automobile accident attorney. The attorney will make sure you get what is legally entitled to and will protect your rights.


Becoming injured today can be quite difficult. Due to the present condition of the economy, a fractured bone can harm your budget despite of insurance coverage. If you ever get hurt in an accident- may it be a car accident, trip and fall, and other cases caused by the carelessness and negligence from other people, it might be in your best interest to exert your right to just settlement. The best way to try this is by getting a animal attack lawyer to take care of your case.

There are various explanations why going to a legal professional is a plausible move. 1 reason is that an attorney is the ideal person to give your trust concerning the situation. It might not be very clear to you at the moment but there is a strong possibility that the insurance company can betray your trust. This isn’t a way of ridiculing the insurance organizations but you may have heard of bad stories concerning insurance adjusters and corporations. You must keep in mind that insurance firms are a business. They may be more interested in their own well-being than that of your own.

Auto Accident Attorney
The insurance adjuster for example will be working for the insurance firm and do what he can to assist the company that pays him by doing his job. So it is really probable that the company and the people might do something to lessen the value of your case. Just before answering any queries or filling up any form which the insurance provider will present to you, it will always be wise to speak to your attorney first.

There is also a need to make sure that your case is not postponed any further. Personal injury cases can take 2-5 years to complete as asserted by experts. Even though its improvement would depend on the type of case you have, it will always be your personal injury attorney who can leverage points for you. A personal injury attorney, especially 1 with expertise, will know exactly what to do with your case. He would provide you with instructions on what to do with your job plus guide you through the whole process. This will help you save a lot of time compared to when you are doing points on your own.

There’s indeed a lot at stake for you personally in a type of injury case. Besides the medical charges, you will also end up dealing with other forms of injuries like tension and pain. With a personal injury lawyer, you can be more confident in getting just compensation.


DUI Lawyer – You think yourself to be a really good driver.�? Nonetheless, no one is perfect, and most people have made the mistake of drunk driving.�? Driving intoxicated doesn’t necessarily mean you are so drunk that you can’t see correctly.�? It all depends on the amount of alcohol content in your blood and also if the policeman feels you are able to operate your car.�? If there is ever a time you end up in that quandary, and have been charged with a DWI, then you need to employ a defense attorney in florida.

Many individuals simplify a DWI as having a blood alcohol level more than the legal limit as the primary indicator of your drunk level.�? But people need to realize that law enforcement doesn’t see it precisely the same way.�? A officer can also use their own judgment when determining whether or not you can safely drive your car.�? There is plainly too much gray area from the moment you are pulled over until you make the trip to the jail house.�? For that reason along a DUI Lawyer can get you out of a lot of problems. An experienced drinking and driving defense attorney can walk you through the items related to your arrest and tell your side of the story.�?

In many US states, it seems like drinking and driving has become a cash crop for the police, and they will find any way they can to make sure you pay the price for indulging in a drink or two after work. Without a good DUI Attorney you will surely be hit with the maximum fines possible. The fines can reach into the thousands of dollars, and you could have your license taken away. How hard will it be to keep your life together if you can’t get to work? You’ll want to encourage your defense attorney in florida to take a look at your position as a whole and find out what they can do to cut down on the damage. You’ll want them to assist you be able to regain your car license so you can drive to your job and stay able to pay your bills. Spending time in an drunken driving treatment facility would be much more palatable than that! Your defense lawyer can help you with that!

There are many ways to get ahead when you are relegated to retaining and outstanding and effective DUI Attorney. Your friends and relatives will be vocal about what would be the smartest thing for you. It isn’t bad to listen to them, but depend on some essential decision making tools to check that you retain the right lawyer for you. A preferable law firm will have a lot of drunk driving case know how and have a lot of cases, however. they will make sure to set enough time aside for you o give them what you believe occurred the day of your arrest. if you are dishing out a lot of money, so it is essential to at least have open the lines of communication. They should have enough drinking and driving case experience to back you and how to sway the judge when your recorded level was just below or just over the limit.

Just because you made a error driving with assumptions that you are drunk doesn’t mean you merit jail time, especially if you aren’t a problematic criminal. A sympathetic defense attorney in floridaunderstands your plight and will work hard in your favour so that you are able to get back to a normal routine for you, your family and those around you.

Don’t take it for granted that fighting a drinking and driving sentence will be easy. Engage a good DUI Defense Lawyer and don’t allow the discrepancy of law enforcement to destroy your life.

Keith has been writing articles online for nearly 4 years now. Not only does this author specialize in weight loss but you can also check out his latest video on Whiplash Compensation. Help is not hard to find for Accident Solicitor if you look hard enough. Keith’s video has lots of information on Injury Solicitor and is available for any questions you may have.


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If a wrong deed was ever done to you by some organization, business, individual along with other groups that left you experiencing emotional and physical damages, it is your right to opt for a lawsuit so that you can obtain compensation for the damage that has been done to you. You will need just compensation for the recovery of your injuries and life. In the event you go for a lawsuit, it will be in your best interest to be represented by a car accident lawyers with experience of your kind of case.

You wonder how much it could set you to obtain an attorney and you have to know that it won’t set you much. To begin with, you need the lawyer to defend your case in court. It’s the best chance you’ve got in winning the case and be granted with compensation where one can pay for each of the bills involved. And if you decide to hire someone who would represent you legally, there is an increased chance that you will get a greater amount of cash in the case compared to when you’re going to trial by yourself.

Accident Lawyer San Antonio

The very fact from the matter is that many of the personal injury attorneys may wish to represent you based on pay per win. This means that they’ll only get a portion of the compensation fees in the event you win in the case. In majority of states, the share is at least 30% to 33%. This naturally leads to 2 major benefits. First benefit is you don’t have to pay the attorneys who’re working with your case upfront. They’ll begin setting your cases and document all of the necessary files and execute the needed investigations to reveal concrete evidence. This can assist you along with your case in court.

The 2nd benefit is that you can obtain higher compensation as the lawyer says you should and since they will be aware of your case better than you. You can opt for higher compensation so long as the lawyer says it’s feasible. And so it won’t matter much that the lawyer obtains a part of it since you are set to some higher compensation if things go right.

So it’s not merely you lawyer but you who are earning a lot of money as soon as your case is won. If you think about this, it’s as affordable as a lawyer in a lawsuit can get.




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