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Fixing a Leaky or Run-On Toilet

Tankbaft or Flapper Toilet Valve

If after you flush the toilet, the water keeps running until you wiggle the flush handle up and down, the problem is probably with the linkage between the flush handle and toilet tankball. Or you could have a bad toilet flapper valve or tankball. The two following sections can help you fix the toilet problem.
Fixing or replacing a toilet tankball
The toilet tankball is screwed on the end of a short rod that’s held in place by an arm protruding from the overflow tube in the center of the toilet tank. The flush lever attaches the tankball rod with another rod that slips over the end of the tankball rod. As you push the flush lever, the toilet tankball is pulled up.
The tankball is hollow and filled with air, so as soon as it’s pulled out of the drain in the bottom of the toilet tank, it rises to the water level in the tank. But when the drain opens, the tank empties and the tankball settles back into ball seat, which is connected to the outlet pipe that leads to the toilet bowl.
To allow this open-close cycle to complete, the tankball rod and the flush lever rod need to be in alignment. If the toilet tankball isn’t falling properly into the drain, try bending the rods a bit until the tankball moves up and down without catching on anything.
To fix a sticking toilet tankball, follow these steps:
1. Reach into the tank and pull up on the tankball rod.
The rod and tankball should slide up and down easily and drop straight down into the outlet pipe. Note where the tankball hangs up.
2. Bend the toilet tankball rod and the flush lever rod until the tankball works freely.
3. If the toilet tankball doesn’t drop directly into the outlet pipe, use a screwdriver to loosen the set screw that holds the guide arm.
4. Move the assembly back and forth until the tankball falls directly into the outlet pipe.
Check your work by flushing the toilet and making sure that the toilet tank refills.
5. If the toilet tankball falls into the outlet pipe but doesn’t completely stop the water flow, you may have to replace the toilet tankball.
To replace the toilet tankball, do the following:
1. Check that the ball seat opening (which the flapper valve falls into) is clean. If you see deposits on the seat, clean it with fine steel wool.
2. Unscrew the tankball from the end of the tankball rod and get a replacement.
Take a close look at the toilet tankball and flush lever rods. These parts can corrode over time. These parts are inexpensive, so take the old tankball and rods with you to the store and get replacement parts that match. If you can’t get the toilet tankball to fall into the outlet pipe and stop the water flow, buy a flapper-type tankball. Remove the old toilet tankball by unscrewing it from the end of the brass rod. Install the replacement by following the manufacturer’s directions.
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Einstein’s Prediction 100 Years Ago Comes True Now

600x300_einstein-at-two-agesLIGO sees light in the age old prediction of gravitational waves from black holes. Einstein had predicted the collision between black holes when he put forward the theory of relativity in 1915.Gravitational forces can be used to find out information about their origins and also about the nature of gravity. Using this information, it was concluded that two black holes had merged to form a massive and single black hole. These historical gravitational waves were discovered on September 14th at 5.51 am (EST) by LIGO observatories.

The scientists concluded that according to the received signals, the black holes had masses 29 and 36 times that of the sun. This collision is believed to have taken place 1.3 billion years ago. Calculating the time of arrival of these signals, the source has been found in the southern hemisphere.

Further studies have been conducted at Hendrix College. This is situated at Conway at Arkansas. Here a team of researchers has combined their efforts to develop a small ring laser interferometer. This can be used to detect natural calamities like earthquakes, heavy storms, tornadoes, cyclones, hurricanes and volcanoes too. It is proving to be instrumental in predicting and warning against natural disasters. Robert Dunn, A physics professor at Hendrix, said that the infrasound’s frequency spectrum could be clearly seen in the ring laser interferometer. They could also detect the infrared given out from the tornado half an hour before it reached the ground.

alberteinstein-s-reDunn also informed that all these results were to be taken a preliminary and the team is going to continue exploring how to effectively ring lasers can reduce the dangers and risks caused by natural calamities.

For additional information and video images please check
Or contact
LIGO Caltech
MC 100-36
California Institute of Technology
Pasadena, CA 91125
Information: (626) 395-2129
MIT NW22-295
185 Albany Street
Cambridge, MA 02139
Information: (617) 253-4824

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No More Shopping On Black Friday

main-qimg-f9d154f5b469716c289f1baa58cc6576-cBlack Friday is the Friday that comes after Thanksgiving This year it falls on 25th November 2016. The retailers have a practice of opening the shops as early as midnight or even before. It is seen as a shopping extravaganza.

This year the retailers have decided to change the routine. Most of them are not opening early as they feel it is more meaningful to spend Thanksgiving with families.

The big names in the business have agreed to this decision. CBL has decided not to open 73 of their locations on Thanksgiving. They would be opening only on the next day i.e. on Black Friday by 6am.

Other retailers who would be remaining closed on Thanksgiving are
· Mall of America
· Costco
· Home Depot
Retailers who haven’t expressed their stand to open or remain closed in 2016 include
· Walmart
· Target
· Macy’s
· Best Buy

w-blackfriday-300x200Though the retailer claims that they are not opening and are going to alter the regular pattern of early openings on Black Friday, there are certain figures which hint that the sales on Black Friday have not been going as expected. The day may slowly be losing its title to December 23rd in terms of shopping volume and sales.

People have a tendency to shop more just before Christmas and no longer after Thanksgiving. It hasn’t been a sudden change, however, retailers have been comparing previous years sales and noting that the decline in sales and business is setting in gradually. Even thanksgiving is not likely to appear on the top ten list of days of maximum shopping.

Stephen Lebovitz who is the CEO of CBL claimed that previously Black Friday used to be a great day for shopping and was filled with fun and frenzy. He said that they are trying to bring back this spirit by holding off the sales and creating a wanting in customers.

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